What does the phrase “financial planning” mean to you? For many, it is merely a buzzword — an overused expression to indicate a mix of investments and savings.

But at SK Wealth Management, we believe it is a powerful directive that is simply shorthand for “realizing your life’s dreams.”

That’s because we recognize that the true value of financial planning is not simply about preparing for distant events — but also about living life to its fullest at every stage. It is about setting up a roadmap and a playbook that will allow you to live the life you want and leave the legacy you desire.

Because true financial planning is a comprehensive and systematic act, we undertake it from a framework that we call the Integrated Financial Advantage — a multi-disciplinary, strategic approach that brings consistency and clarity to the various components of your financial life. It is the best way to make sure your money works for you the way you want and need it to.

We start by listening to you and developing a plan that meets the unique circumstances of your life. We know that no two dreams are the same and no two lives are the same. While our process is systematic, the recommendations and proposals that arise from it are customized to your unique situation. We are  fee-only and do not accept any commissions. In the true spirit of being a fiduciary, we make sure our clients’ interests come first.

We have developed seven models of long-term planning that we integrate and individualize to maximize your  potential for wealth, as you define it. Each broad category recognizes a basic goal of long-term investing: The Philanthropic Expander™ is designed to help those who want to make charitable giving a priority; The Protection Evaluator™ looks at insurance coverage; The Legacy Maximizer™ assists in providing for the next generation; The Education Formula™ is designed to meet the educational expenses of your children and grandchildren; The Next Phase Navigator™ allows you to plan ahead by previewing what your assets and expenses will look like in retirement; The Financial Analysis™ looks at your current financial situation and cash-flow adequacy; finally The Independence Effect™ is the end result, the confidence that you carry knowing that your finances are covered, regardless of markets ups and downs. All these programs share one goal: To make sure your money works for you the way you want and need it to. We take your vision and put our knowledge and experience to work to make it a reality.

True financial planning means getting a clear picture of your current financial standing — your income, savings, investments, debts and obligations — and helping you prepare for planned and unexpected events that are a part of every life. That way, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your needs will be met — and be confident that your current lifestyle is sustainable. And, because we take a multidisciplinary approach, your SK Wealth Management advisor will also help you understand the tax consequences of various strategies — helping you feel in control of your money and your future.

Again, this is about your future — about making sure that the resources are there to make the kind of impact you want to make in your own life and the lives of those around you, and causes and institutions important to you.

Whether you already have a rough plan in place, or have simply been thinking about your financial future, we are ready to help. We are experts at working with existing 401(k)s and other corporate savings plans, and we have investment strategies to meet your needs at any point in your career and/or retirement journey. The key is to take the first step — give us a call and put the professionals at SK Wealth Management in your corner. The future begins today!


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