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A Letter from Jason Archambault,
Chief Executive Officer of SKWealth

Providing Clarity and Order to Your Finances

In 1998, we set out on a journey at SKWealth. The destination has, and always will, remain the same: sustained financial success and happiness now, and into the future. 

Throughout the history of our firm, we have seen numerous evolutions and pressures in the financial planning industry. Changing fee structures, shifting dynamics between advisors and institutions, the looming possibility of a down market, and the desire for more value by consumers propelled SKWealth’s own transformation and created an entirely new standard of financial advising. 

While other financial planning firms operate on a commissions-based model, we are strictly fee-only. This means that our clients are getting products, strategies, and counsel based solely on the condition that their needs will be most effectively addressed. Our independence from the financial services industry ensures that we live up to our commitment of putting our clients first — which is at the heart of our philosophy. 

At SKWealth, we have made the decision to dedicate our working lives to help you make sense of your financial future, and get you from point A to point B. The starting point may be fear of the future, the need for direction, or a simple desire for a team that will bring clarity to your personal situation.

As for the ‘destination’, it’s of course unique for each person. But no matter how it is defined, we’re at work dedicated to changing your viewpoint — an improved perspective of your financial life down the line. After all, that is what forward progress is all about.  

This all wouldn’t be possible without our attentive and capable team of professionals — past and present — who’ve helped bring SKWealth to where it is today. As important, we owe it to our clients — the ones who are taking this journey alongside us, into the future. 

Jason E. Archambault, CFP®, CPA/PFS

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