Women Focused Planning

Take control of your future
Women Focused Planning

Women have always been an integral part of the financial planning process, albeit sometimes as a silent partner. Times have changed and more women are providing the financial security for themselves and their families. They also are leading the charge on investing in and planning for their financial futures.

Women have unique financial needs. They have the same financial goals as men – retiring comfortably, maintaining their current lifestyle and covering healthcare expenses. However, women can face a variety of additional challenges- longer life expectancy, lower wages and savings and higher medical costs.

At SKWealth, we understand women’s concerns and work to provide the information and expertise needed to help women make educated decisions. The Integrated Financial Advantage with a female focus is customized to your individual preference. Life is busy and time is precious; we want to partner with you to help you reach your goals.

We can help you to:
• Take control of your financial life: organize and streamline, save time and reduce risks.
• Establish goals and provide an action plan to reach those goals.
• Cope with transition: marriage, death, divorce, new career/business, retirement or inheritance.
• Manage risks: protect your wealth and insure for the unexpected.
• Provide for others: leave a legacy for family or organizations through charitable planning.

Knowledge and understanding are incredibly empowering. With these come increased confidence in decision making and peace of mind.

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