Sample Client Profiles

We understand the challenges people face in selecting a financial advisor. An important aspect of evaluating professionals is figuring out what they can do for you and your family. The following are some of the solutions we have provided for different clients over the years. While they are just brief snapshots, which only reflect a portion of our capabilities, we hope they will give you insight into our expertise and some ideas as to how we may be able to assist your friends and family.

Capital Gains and Charitable Giving
A client had an investment in a rental home and had owned the property for many years; therefore she had a very low tax basis. She determined that she no longer wished to own the home, but was afraid of the capital gains taxes. At the same time, she mentioned that she had a charity that she believed in and would like to benefit. We advised her to create a charitable remainder trust, donate the property to that, and avoid the capital gains tax. She avoided paying any gift tax, she receives an annual trust distribution, and the trust will distribute the remaining funds upon the client’s passing to her intended charity.
A couple nearing retirement was referred to us because they recently received a sizeable inheritance that they weren’t quite expecting. Their first thought was to give it to their children, as they felt they did not need the funds. We worked with this couple and prepared a financial plan that showed them what their financial future looked like. At the end of the planning engagement, the couple ultimately decided to put some of the funds in trust for their children and retain the rest. As the inheritance consisted of a concentration of stocks, we also helped them create a diversification and transition plan for the inherited assets that worked especially well with current estate and income tax laws
Helping an Aging Relative Manage Her Investments
A client came to us for help with an aging relative who is no longer able to manage her investments. The client does not have the expertise and time to help plan for their relative’s future cash flow needs. We designed an investment policy that would maximize the ability of her portfolio to meet her future cash flow needs. We have also taken over the investment management of the portfolio. We now jointly work with our client and their relative to manage the cash flow needs. The client and their relative are very relieved to know that we are all working together to secure her financial future.
Investment Management Advice Post-Divorce
A recently divorced individual asked us for help after a divorce for advice on managing finances and investments. The individual had limited exposure to managing finances and no experience with investing. We constructed a financial plan that serves as a guide to managing finances and an investment policy. We also provide on-going investment education. This removed the anxiety and the individual actively participates in the financial planning and investment meetings.
A young entrepreneur suddenly was making a lot of money. He and his wife were overwhelmed and confused by the decisions facing them. They were referred to us for guidance in every area—investments, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning and education planning for their children. We coordinated with several professionals to confirm that everything was addressed and completed. The couple felt relaxed and confident that everything was now in place and they had a sense of control.
Peace of Mind
One client with a good paying job had issues which resulted in her being fearful that she would run out of money. This made her fearful of spending. Through the financial planning and investment planning processes, which include annual financial plan updates to monitor the plan, she has learned to relax and have confidence when enjoying her resources.
Sudden Changes
In the case of a client with a young family whose husband died unexpectedly, we were able to help her sort out her finances, deal with unexpected estate issues by coordinating with an estate attorney and guide her on the path to improved financial understanding. The financial “blueprint” that the financial plan provided and the support she received resulting from the planning process and investment management helped her with handling her income and cash flows. The entire process gave her great comfort.