The Financial Divorce Navigator

The Financial Divorce Navigator


The Financial Divorce Navigator ™ process provides clients and their representatives, with the necessary information to make thoughtful decisions during an emotionally charged period. The steps in the Navigator process follow a natural progression to achieving an agreeable settlement and important post-divorce steps.

The Family Resource Analysis –

When a divorce takes place, the assets and net income that fueled one household must now support two. Having a clear picture of all available family resources is vital to informed decision making in the divorce process. We help you gather and organize your family net worth and sources of income and expenses to utilize in the settlement process.

The Fair Distribution Approach –

Divorce is not often equal but it should be fair to each spouse. We begin with an equitable settlement approach and modify as needed to ensure a positive long-term result for both parties and the family.

The Financial Scenario Strategy –

With the foundation of an equitable settlement, creativity may be necessary to satisfy both spouses. We model various scenarios to help formulate a settlement that will be agreeable and successful.

The Agreeable Settlement Experience –

When all parties agree on the settlement, the process is less contentious and more relaxed. We help review the attorneys’ draft settlement and prepare for the next step.

The Moving Forward Action Plan –

With a finalized settlement in place, we help to establish an action plan for moving forward. Dividing up accounts and retirement plans, establishing budgets, closing out joint debt and/or selling property may be necessary.

Tying Up Loose Ends –

As a single individual, with or without young children, you will need to follow through on making your own way. You’ll need to update beneficiary designations, create new estate documents, open new accounts and follow your own financial plan. We can help with all the above.

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